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All bottles and tubes of a maximum of 100ml each must be carried separately in a clear plastic zip-top bag not exceeding 20cm x 20cm and presented at the security checkpoint.

To prevent delays at security checkpoints and avoid having your products confiscated before boarding, you are asked to read this important notice.


Check in as many items as possible in your hold baggage and keep in your cabin baggage only what you absolutely need for your journey.


What flights are affected by these measures?

All flights departing from airports within the European Union
(and Norway, Iceland or Switzerland), including domestic flights, irrespective of their destination and the nationality of the airline.

Passengers in transit 

  •  If your initial flight is from a country within the European Union and your connecting flight departs from an airport in the EU (and Norway, Iceland or Switzerland): You can buy items in flight or from airport stores. These will then be placed in a sealed plastic bag.

  • If you are transferring to a flight outside of the EU: Contact your airline beforehand to find out if any restrictions apply. 
  • If your initial flight is from a country outside of the European Union and your connecting flight departs from an airport within the EU (and Norway, Iceland or Switzerland): You are advised to place all liquids in your hold baggage before departure, including those purchased in airport stores outside of the European Union. Otherwise, any liquids besides those placed in a clear, zip-top plastic bag not exceeding 20cm x 20cm will be confiscated at security checkpoints.

What items are prohibited?

Liquids, aerosols, gels and pastes: mineral water, perfume, drinks, lotion, cream, shower gel, shampoo, mascara, soup, liquid medication, toothpaste, liquid soap, deodorant, etc.

What is the maximum size of each bottle or tube that may be carried on board?

No container may exceed 100ml.

What is the maximum size of the plastic bag?

The clear plastic bag (freezer bag type) must measure approximately 20cm by 20cm. You are allowed a single bag that may contain several items (tubes, bottles, aerosols, etc.).

Where can I find such a plastic bag?

You can buy this plastic bag (freezer bag type) in stores and supermarkets. Most European airports also supply these bags. However, as this is a service to passengers and not an obligation, we cannot ensure these bags will be available everywhere and at all times.

You are therefore advised to make the necessary arrangements before arriving at the airport.

What are the permitted exceptions?

- Medication in liquid form

You may take liquid medication (insulin, mixtures, etc.) on board provided you present a prescription in your name or a medical certificate to security staff. No restrictions apply to medication in solid form (pills or capsules).

- Baby food in liquid form

There are no restrictions on these products. Be sure to take items you can close after opening as you may be asked to taste their contents!


- Remove your jacket or coat

- Remove from your cabin baggage for individual inspection:

  • All large electrical items, e.g. laptops, large digital cameras and DVD players
  • The clear plastic bag containing your bottles and tubes
  • Medication accompanied by a prescription or medical certificate
  • Baby food in liquid form
  • Items purchased in airport stores and placed in a sealed plastic bag at the time of purchase. NB: Not all stores are allowed to provide such bags. Check they do so before buying your items.
  • Liquid items may be purchased freely once you have cleared security provided you do not exceed customs restrictions.

    Be aware that restrictions may apply if you are transferring to another flight. Ask before making any purchases.


    As a general rule, place all liquids in your hold baggage, except essential items required during the flight.

    If you do not have any checked-in baggage and are only travelling with cabin baggage, you will need to place all liquids in a plastic freezer type bag measuring approximately 20cm x 20cm.



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